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Workflow Management, AI/Automations & OutSourced Labor

Work with a company with a proven track record of increasing productivity, reducing cost, and gaining market share through better workflows, outsourced labor, and automation / AI.

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How Do You Benefit?

Reduce Labor costs By 60%

When you combine payroll taxes, insurance, and HR / Compliance, we can save you up to 60% or even more on your staffing needs.

Simple 1099 To Your Company

Vetted, experienced contractors

We handle all payments – you just put them to work.

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What Else Can We Do?

Increased Profitability

We don’t just look at a business for its staffing needs; we delve deep into your business to understand the roles and how we can best segment them to allow your top performers to thrive and delegate the rest through automation/AI, better workflows, and outsourcing.

WorkFlow Management – We Make It Easy

Automations & AI – We find better solutions to allow your staff to be more productive with their time.

Outsourcing – We match your needs with outsourced talent to reduce you payroll cost and alleviate burdens.

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US Law Compliant

We make sure we are compliant with all US regulations regarding the use of 1099 Contractors.

Quick Onboarding

When you sign with us, we immediately get to work to help figure out what you need and get you started.

Account Rep’s

Account reps for each client. We walk you through the entire process and are there when you need us.

24/7 Support

Our support staff is available 24/7 to make sure if you need us, we will be there to help you.

How it works

Easy to get started

Fill out our information request form, and we will start the process.

Client Request Form

Request Info

It all starts with asking for more info. Fill out the form and we will get in touch to help you start the process.

Schedule Call

We will get on the phone with you and give you more details as to how we can help. We do this by understanding what it is you do, what you need help in, and then showing what we can do for you.

Sign Contract & Start Saving

The next part is easy, sign our contract and we take it over from there. Our goal is to make sure your company makes more money, saves more money, and has the ability to continue to grow.

Why Choose Us


We aren’t just a business that does this, our parent company owns and operates several businesses and we have employed the same tactics to make our brands successful.


We are only as good as the service we provide. Our goal, at all times, is outstanding customer service. We are going to be here the entire time to make sure your account is a Success Story!


In the current economic times, the ability to save money is paramount. We are not only going to help you save money, we are going to help you make more by freeing up resources so you can expand.

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We demystify how to utilize labor pools outside of the country you reside in

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Transform your business operations with Task Flow Solutions.

Discover the power of workflow analysis, automation, AI, and offshore staffing to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and scale with ease.


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