The Dos and Don’ts of Managing an Outsourced Team

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In today’s global economy, outsourcing has become a strategic tool for businesses looking to leverage expertise, reduce costs, and focus on core competencies. Managing an outsourced team, however, presents unique challenges that require a nuanced approach. Here are the essential dos and don’ts to effectively manage your outsourced team.


  1. Define Clear Objectives and Expectations: Establish clear, measurable goals and communicate your expectations right from the start. Ensure that both parties understand the project’s scope, deadlines, and quality standards to prevent misunderstandings.
  2. Choose the Right Communication Tools: Effective communication is key. Use project management and communication tools that facilitate seamless collaboration. Regular video calls, instant messaging, and shared documents can help bridge the physical distance.
  3. Foster a Culture of Inclusivity: Treat your outsourced team as an integral part of your business. Encouraging a sense of belonging can boost morale and productivity. Celebrate their successes and include them in team meetings and decision-making processes where feasible.
  4. Provide Feedback and Support: Constructive feedback is crucial for continuous improvement. Offer regular feedback on their work and be available to provide support and answer questions. This encourages a culture of openness and continuous learning.
  5. Respect Cultural Differences: Be mindful of cultural differences and working hours, especially if outsourcing overseas. Showing respect for their culture and finding a middle ground on working hours can enhance mutual respect and cooperation.


  1. Micromanage: Trust is fundamental. Avoid micromanaging every detail, as it can be demotivating and counterproductive. Instead, focus on results and give your team the autonomy to achieve objectives in their way.
  2. Neglect Time Zone Differences: Ignoring time zone differences can lead to unrealistic expectations and burnout. Plan deadlines and meetings considering these differences to ensure a healthy work-life balance for your team.
  3. Overlook Security and Confidentiality: Ensure that your outsourced team understands and complies with your security policies and data protection regulations. Overlooking this aspect can lead to significant risks.
  4. Forget About Relationship Building: Don’t treat the relationship as purely transactional. Invest time in building a rapport with your outsourced team. Understanding their strengths and motivations can lead to a more productive and engaged team.
  5. Underestimate the Importance of Training: Do not assume your outsourced team will know everything about your processes and tools. Providing training and resources is essential for their success and the quality of their output.


Managing an outsourced team effectively demands a balance between clear communication, trust, and cultural sensitivity. By following these dos and don’ts, you can foster a productive, engaged, and integrated team that contributes significantly to your business’s success.

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